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"Going forward…follow our determined vision, leading Thai Farmers to be international."

The forward feeling from “Chairman.”

           Kaset Thai Organic fertilizer is a private corporation who concern about human’s health and pollution that is a public treasure for all human to take care together to have good society, sustainable and fair economy.

           With our 20 years, we currently join the global trend of “Pollution,” in which is related to our vision/mission and our Thai culture “Agriculture.”



What is Organic Fertilizer and what is its benefits?

Organic Fertilizers are fertilizers, which derived from organic matters by each biological process to use as following benefits.

1.To improve the soil: especially its physical quality such as clarity, friability, ability to absorb water and pH improvement.

2.To use less: as the organic fertilizers can stay longer in the soil and slightly release the plant's nutrition than the chemical fertilizers.

3.To support the chemical fertilizer: if the organic fertilizer is combined with the chemical fertilizer, there would be complete benefits both secondary nutrients and supplements according to the plant requirements.

4.To support the microbe soil to work more effectively, especially those, which are, enrich the soil.

Recommended Products

We desire to create the value chain of “Green Sustainable Society”



international Federation of Orgennic Agriculture Movements (IFOAM)


Certificate of Standard Oranic Rice Production


License of Standard Fertilizer Grade 1 and Grade 2

Comprehensive Agricultural Inspection at “Organic Land”
According to the trend of global recently, organic agriculture is currently popular, and people concern more about their health, business strategy improvement “Organic Land” would be the most important choice for “Kaset Thai Organic Fertilizer,” who is one of the top 10 biggest manufacturers and dealers of quality organic fertilizer. Furthermore, this is also an agro-tourism for organic vegetables and livestock non-pollution at Kamphaengsaen-Panomtuan (k.m.19 from Kasetsart University Kamphaengsaen Campus) Prataen, Tamaka District, Kanchanaburi Province.

Mini Mushroom Farmhouse

With the concept of a new generation. Make farming easy and make money right away.


Original Arabica coffee from DoiSaket (Chiang Mai province, Thailand)

Thai and Europe Restaurant

Variety menu that guarantees both taste and quality.

Processed Products

Advanced technology of the dryer The taste of the fruit remains the same.

Sheep and Goat Farm

Feel the love of animals. And to reap the impression


Experience with organic farming and non-toxic animal husbandry.

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"Fruit Processing Factory In THAILAND" Joint venture and partnering with SEJIN ELECTRON INC. Korean Company


Export 100,000 tons of organic fertilizer to China


"Mr. Worakul Sakoolwatanal" Managing Director - Kaset Thai Organic Fertilizer.Co.,Ltd. Life Path is committed to developing food processing business to quality organic products.


Special News : Thai organic fertilizer exports to China


"The mushroom planting house" mini size, strong and endurable. Provides good benefits for farmers who have little land space.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

“Sam VaiHua Jai PorPerng” Organic Farming for students Project

Project Cooperation for students in the community byNongLan Municipality and KTF oraganic land.

“NongLan Bann Chun”Sufficiency Economy Learning Center Projects

Good Projects for Youth. Initiated by municipality Nong Lan.To make children understand the principle of sufficiency