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The forward feeling from “Chairman.”

Kaset Thai Organic fertilizer is a private corporation who concern about human’s health and pollution that is a public treasure for all human to take care together to have good society, sustainable and fair economy.

With our 20 years, we currently join the global trend of “Pollution,” in which is related to our vision/mission and our Thai culture “Agriculture.”

Under the global trend “Organic,” Thailand has determined “Organic Farming is a national agenda” to add value for agricultural products under concept “Safe Food.” There are also campaigns of “Thai Kitchen to the world” and “Philosophy of the Sufficiency Economy,” in which Thai people use for their life standard and business. These campaigns will bring good health, a complete and sustainable environment, which is a current global trend.

We are excited and feel active to follow the global trend and government’s campaigns. We believe that relationship between health, environment, society, and economy is related to each other. We try to study more, doing more to lead to get public network and passing experiences to people who are interested in this trend.

Kaset Thai Organic Fertilizer is the corporation, who has to struggle to survive in an aggressively competitive market. Therefore, we must always have creativity and quickly work on or produce and also have to control cost, quality as well as have to be a strong corporation. As we choose to do agriculture, we create our own story which begins from “upstream” which is the main factor for production of fertilizer, planting materials,and insect repellent, etc. that do not use a chemical to “central steam” by convincing to build business network organic. This plan is to support to grow vegetables, mangos,and coffee. The purpose is to buy and resell fresh or processing at the“downstream” to confirm our attitude not to use chemicals. And we have been open a restaurant called “KTF Organic Land” under the idea “Farm to table” as well as fresh vegetable and processing fruits restore. We are approaching the market by applying the real-time social network as our tool, and also using the innovation to get the products are more valuable.

Today, our story has been almost through the end, upstream, middle and downstream and also innovation under our positive idea. We have built our business network and provide chances for all sectors to share experiences and benefits within the principle “Take opportunity and ability from each other to build the big thing in a short time.” Moreover, there are two more dream stories to share all staffs for their motivation.

First, creating “Sustainable Agriculture Institute” to cultivate seeding the faith for growing and expanding.

Second, we need to expand our organization and concept to the global market, to create a marketing opportunity and get deep into customer’s need.

We are a small corporation in this country which is “Geen Sustainable Society” with commitment and determination. We believe that the environment is a natural resource for “national income of the country” which is visible and tangible by touching from everyone who is the owner and must be involved for the protection of this shared public property.